Um, we’re not actually sailing…

I should perhaps point out that the beautiful image on the previous page is slightly misleading. I was looking for an image that would suggest Oceania but wouldn’t make the blog look like an ad for Polynesian honeymoon destinations, when I happened upon a painting by my friend Roger Kizik. Roger has been doing a fabulous series of large paintings of books, including “Sailing Illustrated.” (On my wall at home I have another of his book paintings: this one of Haddon and Hornell’s classic, Canoes of Oceania).

kizik small

Unlike me, however, Roger really is a sailor. We, on the other hand, are flying, which, while not as exciting as sailing, is not for the faint-hearted either. More about three three-hour flight to the Marquesas in a turboprop in an upcoming post!



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Editor of Harvard Review and author of "Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia" and "Come on Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You All."

5 thoughts on “Um, we’re not actually sailing…”

  1. For your first post, I, for one, have NO COMPLAINTS – very aptly done!

    Look forward to flight adventures; probably did not have to dodge volcano’s, at any rate….


  2. That is a beautiful painting, and most appropriate. It is incredibly exciting to think you will be tracking those long-ago Polynesians explorations done by intrepid and courageous maritime adventurers – searching for new lands; perhaps escaping old conflicts and certainly moving towards wide-open spaces.
    Wishing you Bon Voyage, imaginative scholarship and happy adventuring!

  3. Sea people are the very best kind of people. I hope you will all do lots of snorkeling on this journey and enjoy the undersea kingdom. I’d like to hear about what you see! I hope you are thinking calming thoughts as you travel on the turbo-prop planes. Think of them as short trips to get to beautiful places.


  4. So fun…so cool!! Keep writing! More pictures please!!!
    How are the kids doing? Are they into this?

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