The Eclipse

It turns out that 98% is a little anti-climactic when it comes to solar eclipses. No one understands how I managed to schedule our stay in the Tuamotus, where the eclipse was total, for a few days after the event, but we did see it from Mo’orea, where it was something between 98 and 99%. It happened between about 8 and 10 in the morning and it definitely got dimmer, but what it  really got was colder. Abraham says that during the Silurian (or some other pre-Permian era) there was a 20% reduction in solar radiation and the whole earth froze over. I can believe it. (Btw, these facts may be slightly off; I didn’t bother to corroborate; it just seemed like an interesting idea).

Anyway here we are, observing the celestial event:

watching the eclipse

and if that isn’t an album cover, I don’t know what is.

More Mysterious Stonework in the Forest

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13 thoughts on “The Eclipse”

  1. So album cover! Tres hip, oui?

    I’m loving reading your posts, Christina! Photos are gorgeous. Coolest blog on the web. (Definitely wins the Best-Location-Names Award!) Looking forward to more.

  2. That is definitely an album cover! Great photo. I was wondering if you were going to experience the eclipse when I heard on the radio it would be seen in the South Pacific.

  3. I am enjoying your posts so much. There is a sense of vicarious excitement while following along on your exotic adventures, and the poignancy of the deeply personal connections the 5 of you are making with the places and people you meet. On a far more mundane note, I wonder how on earth you are managing to feed the four strapping members of your traveling party while “on the road”!

  4. Hi Christina,

    I have just used my lunch hour to read and peruse your blog and it sounds fascinating. How nice to be able to do this with your family. I like too hearing of your sons’ admiration or lack thereof of the local cuisine.

    Your photographs are terrific and the last one does indeed remind me of a Devo record cover.


  5. Hi Christina, I just thought of a name for your group (at the eclipse) or at least a caption for the photo:
    The Awesome and the Awed.
    (Forgive me, this is my first blog entry!)
    Joyce Wilson

  6. initial thoughts:

    Holy shit, I’m jealous! Way to get out there, people!
    And Sev totally looks like a rock star, so kudos to all those folks giving him lots of attention.
    Plus you guys look cool in your eclipse gear.

    Have a ball, guys. Assume you will end up in NZ? How cool for Sev’s parents to meet all three kids at once!

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