New Zealand: Parting Shots

Before we head for the Kingdom of Tonga, I thought I’d leave you with a few parting shots of the Land of the Long White Cloud.

One Tree Hill (in fact, surmounted by one monument), Auckland:

One Tree Hill

One cow hill, somewhere in the north:

One Cow Hill

Matiu at dusk on Ninety-Mile Beach, even farther north:

Ninety Mile Beach

Matiu and Dani playing basketball with their cousins Rehia and Repeka in Kaitaia.

Matiu and Dain playing basketball

Rehia and Repeka’s sister, Jessica, with their cousin Jason’s child:


Seven’s sister Liza and his brothers Bill and Ngawati, who drove up from Taranaki and Wellington respectively (!!) to have lunch with us.

Liza, Bill, Wati in Hamilton

And finally, the view from the house where we stayed in Paihia, early morning:

Paihia morning

In the Kingdom of Tonga: First Impressions

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4 thoughts on “New Zealand: Parting Shots”

  1. I used to run up and down that One Tree Hill road a couple of times a week way back when. It looks so familiar still, and I remember how much it hurt as it got steeper near the top. There actually was a “One Tree” in those days. I believe someone cut in down in recent years.

  2. One cow hill gave me a smile. Matiu at dusk, what a scene! The family photos … looks like fun. The a.m. Paihia picture otherworldly, magical. What great photos! Continued safe travels.

  3. Looks like one cow hill…

    Matiu on the beach at dusk…nice shot…

    Where’s Seven ? Just taking pictures…

    we have been wondering where he is….

    All is well at Quikpoint, though there have
    been some learning curves and lots of work…
    he’ll be welcome back, as I go off to Portugal
    in mid Sept.

    Find all the lucky stones…
    and especially the lucky moments….


  4. The picture of Matiu on the beach has a mystical feel to it. Quite intense.

    One Cow Hill reminds me of the punch line of a physics joke: “assume spherical sheep”. Too bad I don’t remember the joke of the physics joke.

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