I can’t resist…

…posting a few more shots from Rangiroa, because it’s so cool and so remote, and because I may never get there again and most people never will. Some of these photos were taken by Abraham and some by Seven; occasionally we discover that the same photo has been taken by both. Shall we start with flowers?

red flower

yellow flower

blue flower

Now how about luggage? Note the addition of Abraham’s turquoise bag!


Here is a shot of the surf hitting the reef (the open ocean side of the atoll):

surf on the reef

and here is one taken at Avatoru Pass. This is one end of the 12 km road:

Avatoru Pass

Here is one of Abraham:


and here is one of Dani standing at the edge of the lagoon:

Dani at the edge of the lagoon

Shifting Gears

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Editor of Harvard Review and author of "Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia" and "Come on Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You All."

9 thoughts on “I can’t resist…”

    1. The pictures are amazing; they’ve been great to see over the weeks. They compliment the posts so well.

      Abraham looks like you (at least in this photo) – do people say that?

      happy travels!

      1. My thesis supervisor wrote the other day to say that Abraham looked like me in a black wig! The resemblance is less obvious in person, in part because he’s almost 6 feet tall.

    2. I have no idea what the flower with the three mini-flowers inside it is … will need to investigate. Maybe second one is lantana? Third one looks like a lotus blossom, but it can’t be if it doesn’t grow in water, I guess. They are all lovely. Great photos of Abraham and Dani. Powerful surf! Brilliant family to figure out how to pack for five so efficiently!

      1. It is a lotus blossom — there was a little pool, like a koi pond, at the hotel, and all these flowers were growing in and around it.

  1. They say happiness is the color of blue, and your photos depict a voluminous pacific happiness! The bluish flower looks like a Venus fly-trap type? Am I in the right tropical zone? Have you seen those?
    Best wishes and thanks,

    1. Now, there’s a photo you’ll never see! But maybe I’ll get Seven to take one of me in my beach get-up: hat, long sleeved shirt, lavalava. I look like I should have a bathing machine!

  2. Dani should win some sort of fashion award for color coordination.

    I’ve studied South Pacific government, and I’d love to go on trip like the one you’re on. I’m not quite sure I’d have the discipline to get any work done, though. These photos are almost incomprehensibly beautiful.

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